Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is probably not what you think it is! It doesn’t make you lose control and it doesn’t involve me regressing you back to your childhood or make you cluck like a chicken! Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be a very relaxing and effective approach that uses a combination of positive psychotherapy (a type of talking therapy that focuses on moving forward) and relaxing hypnosis (a very natural state of relaxation and focused attention that we all often enter into many times a day).

The sessions help you to focus on how you want things to be rather than on how you don’t want things to be. This change in mind-set and visualisation on what you do want can be very powerful. The sessions can help you to regain control of your life and empower you to use your mind in a fundamentally different way so that you can begin to move forward with your life at a pace that’s right for you.

It draws on up to date neuroscience and utilises well researched techniques that are designed to help people make positive changes in their lives in a relatively short time frame. Many clients find the sessions enjoyable and very relaxing and often find it refreshing to focus on the future instead of the past.