Helen has changed my life. I have suffered from depression and attended all types of therapy which although good at the time did nothing to support me moving onward once I had finished. Helen’s therapy has been a breath of fresh air, helping me to focus on the positive, not only moving forward but making a life for myself. I have been able to re-evaluate my career & make positive changes which have given me more time to help me be my own best friend. I cannot recommend high enough to anyone who wants to be happy, to see Helen. She is friendly, kind, professional and caring. Thank you so much Helen, you truly are amazing!


I can honestly not thank Helen enough. Her service is invaluable. I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia which was triggered by a very stressful time in my life. Understand and using solutions focused hypnotherapy has got me out of a very dark place which was affecting not only my mental health but triggering bad flair ups with my fibromyalgia. Helen is welcoming, warm, friendly and very professional. She is very easy to talk and open up to and is a great listener. I would recommend this service to anyone.


Well what can I say : Helen has completely transformed my life. I’ve been suffering with severe anxiety and panic attacks for some time now and was on medication for it. Due to Helen’s fabulous work I feel like a new women and I’m no longer on medication – thank you Helen you have been my Angel. Highly recommended to anyone suffering with anxiety or depression – it used to have control over me and now I’m in control of it thanks to the caring support and work from Helen!!!!